Program Planning & Project Management


Pre-Construction scheduling, phasing and staging requirements are essential issues on many large or significant projects. ECS typically performs this service in conjunction with a constructability analysis as stated above. Some projects do require an extensive constructability review, and may require scheduling analysis, phasing and staging recommendations. ECS provides expert sound scheduling advice and recommendations for overall project duration, phase durations, phasing requirements, staging requirements, partial use of facility requirements, work hour requirements, project and interim milestone constraint specifications, and liquidated damage associated with completion and intermediate milestones.


Value Engineering (VE) is a vital tool for resolving issues for projects where current estimates exceed the funding amounts. VE is most useful early in the design phase when value issues can be addressed without major delays or substantial changes to the existing design. VE may also be used later in the design phase after major design elements are completed and changes require rework of the design.  VE allows the project team to evaluate major cost items of the project and create alternate plans that provide the original functionality at a lower cost than provided in the current estimate – adding value.


ECS’s primary focus of constructability analysis is to examine drawings and specifications to determine items that could create excessive contractor RFIs, change orders, delays, cost overruns and eventually claims.  In addition, a site assessment review during this period can also alert the project team of potential environmental issues.


Estimating and cost engineering are an essential part of the planning, design and construction phases for budgeting, forecasting, tracking, negotiating and controlling a project. To be capable of planning a project and forecasting adequate funding, a project manager must have a reasonable and defendable project estimate. Many construction projects bid by the SFPUC and SFDPW are bid item contracts and require detailed estimates for both quantity and unit cost to provide an accurate estimate.


Biddability and bid evaluation are necessary for projects that are complex or have significant constraints or issues. The determination of the biddability of a project is performed through a complete review of the specifications, drawings, basic constructability, physical and technical constraints, and duration requirements of the project. Items that may create confusion to perspective bidders or may potentially create a bid protest are outlined. The intent is to eliminate bidder confusion and conflicts.  ECS reviews the biddability of a project as part of a complete constructability review. Projects that may not require a complete constructability review still benefit significantly from a biddability review.

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