Water Program:

SFPUC Water System Improvement Program (WSIP)

Replacement of the original Calaveras Dam including a new 210-foot high earth and rock fill dam designed to accommodate a maximum credible earthquake on the Calaveras Fault.  The replacement dam will restore the original reservoir capacity, and it will be designed so the water level can be raised to accommodate potential future increases in storage.

This ongoing $4.3 billion capital program contains more than 80 projects that repair, replace and seismically upgrade the water system’s aging pipelines and tunnels, reservoirs and dams to provide a more reliable source of water to the Bay Area over the next century. In addition, the projects repair the system for meeting water demand during prolonged droughts and ever-changing water quality regulations, and create additional opportunities for environmental stewardship. 

Involved with a high percentage of WSIP projects, ECS staff provides the SFPUC Project Managers with accurate, timely project controls information required to track, forecast, and manage their projects.  ECS provides detailed cost and schedule information throughout the project from the planning, design, environmental phases, through bid & award and construction, and final closeout of the project.  This information includes monthly and quarterly accurate assessments of current status, trends, and forecasts, as well as reporting of varying levels of the Work Breakdown Structure on an as-needed basis.  This detailed information enables the SFPUC Project Managers to effectively evaluate and manage these major projects and programs.  ECS also provides cost and scheduling support, office engineering, inspection, and other Construction Management services before, during, and after the construction phase.

Construction of a soil nail wall which allowed the construction of the Alemany Pump Station in San Francisco.  This project included a reinforced concrete structure, pumps, stand-by generators, security fencing, SCADA, monitoring and disinfection systems, and landscaping.

A contractor locating utilities between the Forest Hill Pump Station and Tank in a residential San Francisco neighborhood.  Project improvements included a reinforced concrete structure, pumps, stand-by generator, security fencing, SCADA, monitoring and disinfection systems, landscaping, and upgrade of the Forest Hill concrete tank.

The interior of the rehabilitated Sunset Reservoir.  This project included stabilization of the soil dam embankment; a retrofit of the walls and roof using seismic joints, shear walls, diagonal bracing, and struts; foundation improvements; repairing deteriorated concrete; replacing part of the reservoir lining material; replacing inlet piping; installing security fencing; upgrading the landscaping; and other miscellaneous site improvements.

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